Jen’s Bridal Shower


January 29, 2013 by erikacsc31

After many weeks of planning, my sister’s bridal shower finally came. And as quickly as it came, it left even sooner! All of those weeks of planning and Jen now has the “bridal shower blues.” lol Ladies maybe you can relate. After putting lots of time and effort into something you’re planning, you look forward to the day of the event and enjoy all of your efforts. Only it goes by too fast! I definitely felt the wedding blues after we got married! I wanted to re-live the day!!

Anyway, Jen wasn’t the type of bride that was going to sit back and let her mom and maids do all of the work. She had lots of ideas that she wanted to take on. At first, she was doing all of the planning herself. I didn’t think she wanted us to help! Lol But, when she began to feel the pressure and realized she had TONS of other things to plan for, (like wedding, flying fiancé over from Scotland, the visa process, finding a place to live), I think she realized that she was better off letting us gals take on the pressure so that she could focus her energy on more important things. In the end, Jen really had fun being hands on. I have to thank my cousin Jess, also a bridesmaid, for everything she did to help too!

The shower was a huge hit! I was happy to bring to life lots of ideas that I didn’t get to do for my own shower. I couldn’t wait!!! Collectively, we all married our ideas and came up with mostly a cocktail of DIY pretty presentations. Thanks to Pinterest and the internet, we had and endless array of resources at our fingertips.
I had SO much fun putting my creative cap on! We all did I’m sure 🙂 Best day for me was when my little sis, Steph, drove down from up north. The three of us spent the entire weekend organizing, cutting, gluing, creating, etc. It was super fun and a great way to spend quality time together.

For food choice, Jen wanted bite-sizes of her favorites for a pretty display.

DSC_0023 DSC_0022 DSC_0021 DSC_0019 DSC_0016 DSC_0015

I’ve seen Bridal showers with lingerie or panties used on display as part of the décor, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that in the theme and hang undies on clothes pins. One of my cousins had a great idea and took it a step further. She suggested that we ask guests to bring a pair of panties to enter a raffle. She also suggested to hang panties on a tree (which I had on hand) so it worked out perfect!


DSC_0028 DSC_0027

Isn’t it cute??!!

One of the things my sis wanted to incorporate was a Mimosa Bar idea she found on Pinterest. Funny enough, I had that SAME idea pinned on my “Bridal Shower” Board!! We MUST be related!

So, thanks to the blog post shared by Kojo Designs, we were able to use this very cute idea! My sis bought the cute serving pitchers for the different juice types (which she can now have for her place). We downloaded some free label templates (sis Steph found on pinterest) for labeling the different pitchers (which we also used for favors as jar labels). I had some pretty thick ivory paper stock that we used to print it on and some twine I had to tie the labels with. Here’s what it looked like:




My sis Jen had the idea of putting pink sugar on the rims of the champagne glasses. Turned out so pretty! Also, we were able to find champagne glasses at Bed Bath & Beyond that were cheaper than buying plastic ones (like $.50 per glass!). Score. Better yet, Jen now has pretty glass champagne glasses for her own place. Double score. Also, I had some champagne on hand that we never used for our wedding. As for the Mimosa Banner, I knew I wanted to make a banner with really pretty stock paper. I went to JoAnn’s one day and found some really pretty paper stock on clearance for $4.99, along with a really pretty photo scrapbook on clearance for $5 bucks. Another score. I knew I could use these for Jen’s shower!!! Thanks to my sister Steph’s penmanship, all we really had to do was cut the paper into squares because she was able to write the letters free hand. No fuss was needed for cutting out letters.

As for favors, I suggested any mason jar ensemble. Not only are they super cute to look at, you also get a free jar out of it. I could tell Jen wasn’t satisfied with the generic “jam” or “ingredients-for-making-cookies” mason jar favors. She out did us all with the very cute and unique idea of giving out “grown-up hot chocolate.” A mason jar favor filled with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and a mini-baileys/Kahlua bottle. Genius! We bought the mason jars from the Dollar Tree, but the price labels were on top of the lids and left  a really ugly sticker residue. Quick fix: jar labels! They turned out even cuter with the jar labels (link here: Free Jar Labels) !



Jen also knew she wanted to use tea cups with rose petals inside of them to decorate. How cute is that?! After she told me she bought some (which are super cute) I was mad at her for spending her money and told her I had some that I scored for FREE at my neighbors yard sale!!! When I showed them to her, she loved them (they are the pink with gold ones).


We also used wine bottles (which I recycle) to decorate the tables. We just put one simple long stem flower in them for a simple, but elegant look. I wrapped one of the bottles with yarn I had on hand, thanks to my momma who crochets. I got the idea from Wedding Chicks (one of my favorite wedding sites and all around great site for DIY ideas).


As for décor, I thought it was easier to buy some of the paper décor than to make it. There’s no way we would’ve had time to tackle that task anyway. Only thing I did make was the Banner that read: Bride To Be. I found these really cute fabric squares at a Super Walmart for $7.99. I had never been there and was really impressed with their fabric section. I also bought lace trim there for $2.99. Everything else I used for the project, I had on hand. (I’ll put together a separate post for this DIY project)


Instead of buying paper table cloths, we opted for vinyl lace table cloths, which we can keep and use over and over again. My mom found this one below at Ross for $6 bucks! Another score. I’ve also seen some really pretty real lace table cloths in Downtown L.A. for as cheap as $20 dollars.


Another thing I knew I wanted to do for my sister was make her a scrapbook. After all, I scored a really pretty one, with paper for $10 dollars. So, it was only logical that we make a little “photo fun” area where I could take pictures of guests and then use them for the scrapbook. I asked my hubby to cut out props for me (he’s the artist). That was free. I had paper on hand, so no additional cost there. I knew I wanted to use a bright print fabric as a backdrop for pictures. I bought a yard and a half of fabric in LA for $10/yard (way cheaper than say JoAnn’s). Better yet, I can use the fabric for one of my home décor projects. No money wasted here 🙂 we used a little desk I bought from my neighbors yard sale for $5 bucks to display our little “photo-fun” section. I think it turned out super cute!


Here is the photo fun in action:

DSC_0129 DSC_0118 DSC_0128

Okay, this might just be my LONGEST blog post yet! If you’re still with me, bless you! I Only thing I’m not please with are the terrible pictures I took that day! Sorry. I guess it was harder than I thought to be both the host and photographer. LOL

I want to thank our family and friends that were there to shower & celebrate my sister Jen during this very special time! Love you guys!


Until next time, HUGS!


7 thoughts on “Jen’s Bridal Shower

  1. Susan E. Lee Loy says:

    Very nice and such a beautiful bride! I just love all the prep.

  2. Stephanee says:

    Beautiful sissy! Well said and keep em’ coming!

  3. tricia says:

    Love it! You girls did a fabulous job!!! Great blog 😉

  4. Wonderful post! We are linking to this particularly great article on our site.
    Keep up the good writing.

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